Looking to Learn Arabic? Here Are The 11 Best Language Learning Apps To Get You Started!

Learning languages is the new commodity in our late-capitalism world. It is not enough that you can do business or excel with different things. Speaking another language is a necessity in this day and age. Thankfully there is no shortage of sources for learning a new language, especially with all the apps available to learn on the go, but what about Arabic? Surprisingly there is also an abundance of apps to learn the Arabic language showing the importance of it and the value it provides to the global market and to the world in general. So here are 11 of the best Arabic language learning apps to help with your journey with this beautiful language.  


Starting with the most famous one cause who doesn’t know Duo the Owl. Duolingo is an American language learning app and website. Users can learn multiple languages at a time with the service’s unique approach to learning which contains “trees” made specifically to fit the user’s needs and “skills” to practice with reception overtime throughout the whole learning process. The Arabic Language section in the app is pretty solid. Following the same format as any other language but tailored to fit the standards of Arabic. 

Learn Arabic – Learning Guide 

A fun little app containing all the basics making it great for beginners. It has the basics like alphabet, numbers, phrases, grammar, and conversations. All in line with the standard modern Arabic rules. It is a great start to make solid ground in learning Arabic. 


Another language learning app all the way from China. With a completely different approach, that I personally prefer and recommend to other language learners. Which is learning a language by example. Or as said on the FluentU website “We learn best through rich, engaging experiences.” The service offers just that through content from around the country in which you’re learning the language. From news outlets, entertainment, and even interviews, you will find yourself immersed in the language and learning it as an afterthought in the back of your mind while enjoying international content. And that is the case with all the languages offered on the app including Arabic. 

Learn Arabic – 50 Languages

Simple yet powerful. This app offers a whole lot of content, specifically in vocabulary in many topics and fields. With audio files to help with Arabic learning on the go.

Rosetta Stone

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Just famous as Duolingo, Rosetta Stone offers what they call a “Dynamic Immersion” experience in learning languages. It is named rightfully so since the app uses photos, videos, and different content from around the country’s language to teach grammar and vocabulary using spaced repetition without translation. This unique approach mixing between Duolingo’s and FlunetU’s is truly a powerful way to learn Arabic amongst the many languages they offer. 

Learn Arabic Phrasebook

A completely ad-free app with tips for travelers and tourists alike. The app offers a plethora of words, phrases, and sentences in standard Arabic with high-quality audio recorded by fluent speakers, and Arab natives.  


This is the equivalent of a high-end brand in the Arabic language learning apps. With a very similar method and approach to Duolingo. The app uses trees of skills, spaced repetition, and audio/visual aid to help create a well-rounded learning experience. 

Arabic Alphabet – TenguLogi

The most basic yet most helpful out of them. Since all the other apps are basically meant for people who can at least spell Arabic words. This one is specifically made for learning the Arabic alphabet. Users can expect a thorough learning experience that will set the 28 letters in stone. Ensuring that the learning process is uninterrupted once learners get to a higher level.



Another international app that offers Arabic in addition to the array of languages available. Busuu is unique in the way that it offers the learning experience through interacting with native speakers. So users are not only guaranteed an authentic learning experience in just the language but also gain social skills in different cultures. 

Learn Arabic Bravolol 

A cute visual app for learning Arabic. The good thing about it is that a user can create virtual flashcards to repeatedly use later to help in memorizing phrases and keywords. 

English Arabic Dictionary 

A standout amongst other regular dictionaries. It is a bidirectional translating app that also offers an instant translation feature with which a user can get the translation in the notification bar immediately once they copy a word, without the need to even open the app. All of these features make it a staple and a must-use throughout the whole learning journey because it helps every step of the way. 

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