“We Speak Arabic” A New Abu Dhabi Governmental Teaching Program That is Rooted in Online Interdisciplinary Approaches

As always UAE has something in the works that will amaze and benefit the whole world. Fitting perfectly with the diversity of the country, the new Arabic teaching program that launched in Abu Dhabi will be yet another milestone in the forever ongoing modernization of the UAE. So what is it exactly and how does it work? Who is it even for?  

The Program

“We Speak Arabic” is a new digital program that launched on, Wednesday, Feb. 23 through the Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Center (ALC). It is a digital program aiming to teach Arabic as a language of knowledge, art, culture, and creativity. Through digital content like videos and exercises, the program will ensure that Arabic as a language is easy to learn and readily available, and accessible to all who wish to learn it. 

The People

The program is aimed mainly at non-Arabic-speaking nationalities in the UAE and across the globe from all ages and backgrounds. Also, the program can be a fun way for Arabic speakers to discover new ways to learn about their languages and how it is explained to other people. 

The Pals 

(ALC) has many programs other than “We Speak Arabic” to help promote and prompt people from all over to learn or create using the Arabic language. One of these programs is the “Arabic Language Pals” competition. It had 156 videos submitted from 7 different MENA region countries. With only three countries getting the top three spots Jordan, Saudi, and Syria. All of this means that anyone can see that “We Speak Arabic” will be a major success just like all the Arabic language programs made by the ALC.   

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