Back On Track: UAE to Lift Covid-19 Social Distancing Restrictions

Great news for the UAE, Covid-19 restrictions to be lifted by Feb.15. The new law comes after a significant decline in cases due to various reasons. What are they and what are the day-to-day activities that are back to normal?  

The Lift

The National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA) announced in a briefing on Feb. 9 that by Feb. 15 the restrictions on capacity and social distancing for many public places and transports will be lifted. This news is a sigh of relief for all especially for the UAE with all that’s going on from Expo 2020 to the upcoming shopping festival. Everyone is surely hoping that things stay steady, and the new lift works in everyone’s favor. 

The Reasons 

Since late Jan., the cases of Omicron had reached 3000 a day which was one of the highest numbers in the GCC region. However, due to the fast response of the UAE government and the measures taken to fight Covid-19 whether by enforcing safety laws or mandatory vaccinations and booster shots. The numbers declined to 1266 new cases a day and 2513 recoveries, that was on Feb. 13.

On that, (NCEMA) of UAE said “The remarkable commitment of community members and their effective contributions to the implementation of precautionary and preventive measures helped decrease the number of cases recorded, with a clear decrease in the admission rate of patients with Covid-19 in hospitals” According to Khaleej Times.  

The Activities 

In the briefing, (NCEMA) of UAE also announced all the public places that are available and have restrictions lifted like, places of worship with distancing reduced to 1 meter between worshipers Cinemas and sports venues to operate at full capacity. Social events are back again with maximum capacity allowed. But, safety measures are still mandatory like wearing masks and regular sanitization. All in all, things are going back to normal, hope it stays the way it is going.  

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