You’ll Be Able to Enjoy Dubai’s Flying Taxis Sooner Than You Think

Via Popsugar

Last month, we reported about flying taxis becoming a thing in Dubai by the end of 2017. However, it seems like Dubai’s latest luxurious stunt is coming sooner than we imagined.


Via Popsugar


The flying taxis were undergoing test runs in the desert, and they might just be days away before serving the public.


Dubai Media Office’s released a new video on everything you need to know about the new Autonomous Air Taxi’s (AAT) features.



The driverless pods will be able to transport two passengers at a time, and will travel at speeds of about 50 km per hour, though at top speed, they can reach 100 km/hour.


RTA promised that the vehicles are fully rechargeable; which means they don’t rely on gas — and don’t emit any pollution.



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