Worried About Your Children? Your Child Is Safe With Us Is The Latest Initiative To Ensure A Safe Umrah!

Mecca, Saudi Arabia, is one of the holiest places on earth and a pilgrimage destination for Muslims from all over the world. Hence as more people visit the holy city, it becomes increasingly congested, and parents frequently have difficulty finding their children, who tend to wander off somewhere. Consequently, because this has been a significant issue for years, the General Presidency for the Affairs of the two holy mosques has devised a novel initiative that will assist many parents and their children during their stay.

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It was announced on Tuesday that the initiative will aim to distribute bracelets among children accompanying their parents to perform Umrah to avoid the prospect of getting lost in crowds at the Grand Mosque.

This program is timed to coincide with the upcoming holy month of Ramadan, which will see a surge in attendance as Muslims flock to the city. The campaign, titled “Your Child is Safe with Us,” is part of the presidency’s social responsibility program, which aims to provide a safe and caring environment. To ensure that the bracelet distribution proceeds successfully, department officials will be stationed throughout the Grand Mosque to distribute bracelets in an orderly manner.

Deputy Head of the Presidency for Social and Voluntary Services, Eng. Amjad Al-Hazmi claimed:

This is out of the presidency’s utmost keenness on the provision of the finest and best services for the pilgrims with the new service for children to take care of their safety and comfort.

Amjad Al-Hazmi via Saudi Gazette

This is a fantastic idea by Saudi Arabia to address this problem and assist people in having a safe Umrah and Hajj experience where they can focus on their devotion to God rather than worrying about their children getting lost in the crowd!

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