5 Green Flags That Distinguishes A Good Friendship From A Toxic One

Friendships are one of the most wonderful things we may possess in this world. It is a natural urge that drives us to develop interactions with other people in order to alleviate loneliness and strengthen our bonds. Nonetheless, we are occasionally confronted with a number of “red lights” that undermine our faith in others and make us wonder if the people we call “friends” are indeed the correct ones. But it isn’t always so bleak; “green flags” do exist, and some friendships are simply delightful!

Red flags are there to show you how someone can flaunt some of the characteristics that we don’t want in our buddies or group of friends. Green flags, on the other hand, are the ones that confirm that this person is someone you can call a true friend! There are several of these flags, and we’ll go over them in more detail.


Having a friend who accepts us regardless of our preferences is really important in any friendship. It makes no difference if your interests, musical tastes, or movie preferences differ. In contrast, this should foster a friendship based on individuality and a willingness to try new things. Acceptance is essential, and no one should be ashamed of the other’s differing tastes.

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Showing Empathy

What we value most as humans is someone who can understand and not mock our feelings. Another major red flag to look for before referring to someone as a “friend” is this. Friends that exhibit empathy and are willing to try to comprehend what the other is going through are crucial to the friendship’s longevity.


Words are like knives, capable of injuring and affecting a person’s mental condition. Because one’s comments can either raise or shatter someone’s spirits, it’s crucial to be thoughtful.

Tough Love

Friendships need to be stirred in a way that isn’t controlling or manipulative. That is why it is critical to have a serious chat with your friend in order to counsel them on a specific choice or decision. While some may interpret it as sincere and compassionate, others may interpret it as an attempt to exert control over the other. Hence, there is a tight line between the two scenarios, with the primary distinction being the method and tone in which friends speak to one another. Strong words and a high voice tone are both undesirable ideas that should be substituted with more “gentle” words and a lower, friendlier voice tone. Therefore, this is a red indicator that we should look for in friends because discovering true friends is like locating a needle in a haystack.

Support System

It’s critical to have the correct support, and if you’re having a bad day, your friend must be there for you and understand that not every day will be a happy one! Friendships are priceless, and we should seek out those who radiate compassion and acceptance!

WE SAID THIS: Choose your pals carefully, and keep an eye out for green flags!