From Sherine To Medhat Saleh: 6 Songs Representative Of Our Fluctuating Emotional State

A person goes through various moods during a single minute, not even an hour. We’re filled with so many complicated ever-changing emotions that it can be difficult to decipher where our feelings are coming from and what to do with them? It is a common act that when we’re down we tend to listen to music that makes us even more depressed, but why do we not watch light-hearted films to get our mind off of whatever is bothering us. I am not here to answer these psychological questions, instead, I am here to add more songs to your playlist. Here are some songs to listen to for every type of person that is currently feeling low.

Aaz El habayeb” (Saber Rebai), for the person seeking revenge

This song will set fire to your soul; for every person out there wanting to seek revenge from the person who did them wrong. So what are you waiting for, give it a listen.

Ghareeba El Nas” (Wael Jassar), for the person always playing the victim

Wael Jassar answers all the right questions with his song “Ghareeba El Nas” when he discusses the age-old question, why are people so strange? This one goes out to all the people constantly playing the victim when really, they are the strange ones.

Etkhanaat” (Mohamed Mohy), for the person that’s had enough

This Mohamed Mohy classic that made the film, “Matab Senaii” that much greater is quite relatable as it really hits the spot with the lyrics that underline how difficult it can be when you feel like you’ve had enough and don’t know what else to do. Give it a listen if you’re going through these emotions.

Mathlamshy” (Medhat Saleh), for the person having trouble achieving their dreams

Also in a film, this time in “Zaky Shan,” the king of pulling on your heartstrings, Medhat Saleh, performs this emotional ballad that is reflective of everyone that’s ever felt like their dreams are not going to be achieved and the doors are being closed in their faces. If you’re currently feeling like you’re losing hope and running out of opportunities, this one is for you.

“Keda” (Sherine), for the person going through a loss 

While anything that comes out of Sherine’s mouth can make us emotional, “Keda” is on a whole other level. The pain that she exudes when her character on the show “Tareeqi” sings after losing her brother, is just unbearable. This song became one that pulls the curtains back on all the heartache that people face when they lose someone important in their lives. It is definitely a great but painful listen.

Hob Emtleak” (Jannat), for the person getting over a break-up 

This Jannat break-up track, “Hob Emtleak” hits in all the right and wrong places for people going through a breakup. This nostalgic song will soothe you through your breakup as you reflect on all the ways the breakup went wrong.

While listening to sad songs might not be the best way to get over the hurdle of getting better, it can be a good escapist experience.

WE SAID THIS: Listening to sad music while we’re down might make us more emotional, but we’ll never stop enjoying them.