World Techno Day: Arab Musicians That Need To Be On Your Radar

The 9th of December marks “World Techno Day”, and we’re celebrating! Techno music took off in the ’80s and from then on, it’s only been booming. While the Middle East might have gotten involved only recently; it’s still involved, isn’t it?

Electronic dance music is international. No matter what language you speak, you’re going to understand it, like it, or hate it; it’s literally for everyone. Moreover, many Arab artists tried producing but only a few made it, and we know who they are. Here are 10 Arab Techno musicians that you must listen to.


The Saudi Arabian DJ has his own debut album out. What distinguishes him is that his work is inspired by pre-Islamic poetry, and that he uses abstract themes.

Al Gharib

The Lebanese DJ is based in Lebanon and Melbourne. His music has no alike as it invokes questions, due to his controversial themes. You can listen to his music here, and make sure to also check his website.

Nicole Moudaber

Nicole is Lebanese yet her music is international. She travels around the world throwing parties right and left. She is so vibrant in her live performances that the fans immediately gather around when she comes up on stage.


This musician is Egyptian, but he is based in Liverpool. His work has had global recognition, and he’s released music with major labels. Check out his YouTube channel for more music.

Marwa BelHaj Youssef

In recent years, this Tunisian musician has made quite a name for herself. What makes Marwa BelHaj Youssef stand out from other Arab Techno musicians is that she mixes Western electronic music with the oriental tune. You can listen to Marwa here.

Karim Sahraoui

Karim is an Algerian musician. He’s the oldest in the business, making music since 2001. Sahraoui has his own music label called Transmat records. If that isn’t outstanding, we don’t know what is.

Maher Daniel

The Palestinian producer is usually touring the world, making people jump up and down, putting their hands up in the air like they don’t care. You have probably heard his music somewhere. If you haven’t, check it out.


Káryyn is a Syrian music producer; she came under the spotlight after releasing a debut album, that’s fully packed with emotions about loss and memories. What makes Káryyn one of a kind in the business is that she also writes her own lyrics and sings!

Aly & Fila

The Egyptian duo is all about electronic trance music. Aly El Sayed and Fadi Wassef have been giving it their all for years now; they even have their own radio show. Aly & Fila have received support from international musicians, such as Armin van Buuren.


Bedouin is a duo group founded by the Jordanian Tamer Malki and the Egyptian Rami Abousabe. Their tunes surely originated in the West, but the Middle Eastern element is there as well.

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