Wife Exposes Her Syrian Husband’s Fake Kuwaiti Citizenship

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After being fed of up her significant other criticizing Kuwaitis, a wife got so angry that she revealed her husband’s fake Kuwaiti citizenship and got him arrested.


Little did she know that not only her husband but also her children will lose their Kuwaiti citizenship, according to the Kuwaiti law.


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In her conversation with the authorities, the wife said that her husband lied about his nationality before getting married. She didn’t divulge it to anyone after her marriage, but could no longer restrain herself after he began criticizing her country’s people.


He was arrested, in a fit of anger, after his wife reported him to the authorities. She revealed that her husband was originally Syrian, and had forged documents to obtain a Kuwaiti citizenship.


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His nationality was ascertained after a DNA test, and investigations revealed that he had entered the Gulf state with a Syrian passport.



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