Why All RPG Fans Should Try The MMO Genre

RPG as a genre appeared a long time ago and, using the example of the already classic Diablo 2, showed the world a new concept of a limited set of characters, but complete freedom of action.

You choose your character, and the world around you changes and reacts based on your choice. NPCs speak differently, the game play is different, and the game concept adapts to you.

Players who have grown up and love the RPG genre should try MMOs for themselves – they are distinguished by a more social aspect and constant updates and expansions of the game world.

Let’s take the popular MMO RPG project World of Warcraft and the current Dragonflight update as an example. The player needs to choose their faction, then the race and class.

The side of the conflict that you will occupy throughout the entire period of the character’s activity depends on the choice of the faction.

The class should be chosen from personal preferences, since WoW has long had clear superiority and everything is moving towards relative balance.
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Advantages of MMOs over RPGs

The strength of any MMO project is the social aspect. You are always surrounded by other players with whom you can fight, be friends, interact, unite.

Raid system – in few RPGs you can find really large-scale battles of a large number of characters with huge world bosses with a strong attack, constant power-ups and meanness in the sleeve, a loyal retinue and the rarest rewards if successful.

A large set of activities and professions – MMO is, first of all, an economy that is necessary for the interaction of players and extending its life and the ability for gamers to choose the range of their activity themselves – this is not always PVP and boss battles, but also trading. Without activities and trade, the economic component will not work, and the players will be simply bored.

PVP system – in any game where players are interested in intersect, there will be a developed PVP system. This is also the engine of progress, since every gamer wants and strives to be better than the rest, the rest is a matter of ambition. In World of Warcraft, PVP is literally everywhere – opposing races fight each other in all locations for faction strength, special coins, and just for the fun of the fighting spirit.

Economy – where there are many players, the economic segment is always developing. Buying and selling equipment, consumables, crafting and much more – each server is unique, since the economic situation is almost never repeated anywhere. Different prices, different shortages and over-saturation with goods, which is caused by different development of servers, but the most important thing is the players. Everyone gets the opportunity to do what they love and just invest, or spend the earned gold just by crafting useful equipment and selling it to players on the server.

Guilds are special associations of players in a full-fledged community to express and defend their interests. Guilds have their own warehouse, coat of arms, special passive and active skills, and their own development path. Players unite for the sake of communication, large-scale battles and help each other. The player community is the strongest part of the online gaming world.

Constant updates – if the single player and RPG are limited by the content that was originally provided by the developers and the speed of passage depends only on you, then the MMO RPG is regularly updated and you may not even have time to master them on time. Tip – always try to get into the new update as quickly as possible, because new and rare equipment is mined there, new skills are obtained and gold is earned, and all the most interesting things happen there, and you can complete the old updates later.

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