Where Do Arab Countries Statistically Stand? Here’s Your Latest COVID-19 Update

For the past few months, the first thought that comes to our minds once we hear about coronavirus is ‘when is all of this going to end?’ and ‘is the pandemic going to continue till the end of the year?’. Our heads are filled with worry, we’re so anxious for not only our health and wellbeing but also for our parents, families, and loved ones. Therefore, it’s very important to stay updated with the latest news and statistics in your country and the region in general so that you can always be prepared to take the necessary medical measures.

In the Middle East and North Africa, countries have been facing significant challenges due to a rise in coronavirus cases, leading many governments to implement strict measures to slow the curve and try to contain the outbreak. In the UAE for example, the monarchies have indeed implemented the lockdown and social distancing strategies. Dubai’s Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed has been pursuing astonishing efforts in fighting the virus and ensuring the stability, health, and wellbeing of his people, however, statistics have been disappointing; as of today, the Ministry of Health has announced 509 new cases of coronavirus and 13 new deaths.

In the Levant, same as in Iraq, Lebanon’s situation is very critical, the coronavirus isn’t the worst thing to happen to the country. The political and economical instability is killing the Lebanese people’s hopes for the future; with each day that passes, the country’s destiny becomes more blurry and uncertain. So far, the number of coronavirus cases is on the rise, with 2,679 confirmed cases in Iraq, 47 in Syria, and 809 in Lebanon. The numbers might seem relatively low, but the fact that Lebanon and Syria have a strong relationship with Iraq and Iran means the virus might spread significantly with very minimal state capacity to contain it.

On the other hand, Egypt is among the few countries in the region that seem to be taking the right measures, however, with 100 million population, it’s very hard to contain the outbreak. Even with the implementation of lockdown procedures and social distancing policies, the number of new cases is rising up to almost a thousand each day! Statistics show that so far there are 8,964 cases confirmed with 514 deaths.

We can only try to stay positive and remain hopeful. Make sure to follow your country’s policies and the necessary health guidelines to ensure the safety of wellbeing of yours and the ones surround you.

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