A Scoop of Hope: “Egypt Will Pass”, a New Initiative to Maintain Employment Amid the Coronavirus Crisis

The Egyptian Ministry of Planning and Economic Development is collaborating with the “Terous Misr Foundation” to launch a new initiative, “Egypt Will Pass”. It aims to combat the current employment crisis the nation is going through due to the novel coronavirus and to encourage the private sector, along with a large number of business owners, to maintain employment and provide new job opportunities.

“The initiative is to face the economic effects of coronavirus, noting that the campaign is to continue and remain open to all businessmen and corporate leaders to take part in (and that) in light of the crisis of the spread of coronavirus, the Egyptian state adopted a package of economic and social measures consistent with the national sustainable development agenda, ‘Egypt’s Vision 2030’, as well as with the UN goals for sustainable development. In solidarity with these measures, the initiative was launched in partnership with civil society.”

Hala Al-Saeed, the Minister of Planning, in a statement yesterday.

A number of businessmen have stepped forward to partner with the initiative, including Ahmed Heikal, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Citadel Capital Consulting, Ahmed Abu Hashima, Managing Director of the Egyptian Steel Group, and Ahmed Al-Suwaidi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of El-Suwaidi Electric Company.

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