A Scoop Of Mosalsalat: If You Haven’t Watched “El Brens” Yet Then What Are You Doing!

“Embedded videos might contain spoilers”

The most popular superstar of his generation, Mohamed Ramadan has been on top of his game on several fronts, whether songs, movies, or series. The Ramadan series race has always been his good luck charm, and it contributed immensely to the success that he garnered through the years. Even though his projects receive a lot of criticism and are surrounded by controversy each year, this year is definitely different.

Not only are the millions of Ramadan’s dedicated fans rooting for his new series “El Brens” but so is literally everyone who has stumbled upon the series. The series this year is very well made, and not only because of the star-studded cast; the story itself is absolutely thrilling!

The series’ intense storyline and the mesmerizing acting skills of stars like Ahmed Zaher, Nour, Rogeina, Reem Samy, and Ahmed Dash made sure that “El Brens” is trending on different social media platforms literally every day!

The series follows the story of Radwan El Brens (Mohamed Ramadan) who finds himself in endless family disputes between his siblings after their father passes away.

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