When Wanderlusting: 6 Tips to Keep in Mind for a Stress-Free Vacation

Traveling the globe is one of life’s greatest adventures. But without the proper preparation, a vacation of a lifetime can quickly become the trip of your nightmares. Ensuring your safety while abroad is the top priority, so you’ll need to plan every minute detail. 

Between brushing up on your verb conjugation skills, stocking up on encyclopedias, and treating yourself to a travel-friendly charging device, there is a lot to consider when plane-hopping (and border-hopping). Not to worry, with this guide, you’ll be able to embark on the adventure of your dreams in no time. 

Ready to jet-set across the world? Here are six tips for a safe trip. 

Utilize an online PO box 

If you plan to receive mail or packages while you are away, make sure to take steps to prevent porch theft. Porch pirates are more prevalent than ever, and one in five Americans say they’ve been victims of theft at some point. 

Instead of leaving your packages vulnerable, reroute them to a virtual PO box. With thousands of monitored pickup locations, your belongings will be safely stored until you set foot on local soil. 

Bring the right documents 

Of course, you’ll need your passport when traveling internationally. But you should also bring your driver’s license, insurance cards, and itinerary. Make copies of each document and stow them in every bag you travel with. Carry your emergency contacts’ information, including the person’s name, address, and phone number. You should also carry a document with your itinerary, hotel address, and embassy information. 

Be smart with cash 

Before you head out on an excursion, be sure to organize your money for easy access. Carry small bills for tips in pockets to limit time spent shuffling through a wallet. If you are traveling with a large sum of cash, make sure to secure it in your room’s safe. When using an ATM, look for signs of tampering like bulky or loose card insert slots. As a final safety precaution, keep an eye out for loitering bystanders, and always cover your bank pin when keying it in.

Practice cyber security

Take the least amount of devices possible when traveling, especially if you have sensitive data stored on them. Consider leaving your tablet and laptop behind to reduce the chance of theft. Make sure to back up your data before you depart for your trip as well. Data thieves can access your personal devices easier than you think, so be sure to avoid entering sensitive information and passwords when on public Wi-Fi. 

Keep valuables secure 

Traveling with expensive items only draws attention and increases the risk of theft. Try and leave valuables at home, like wedding rings, watches, and high-end clothing. On travel excursions, travel with backpacks on your lap while keeping a hand on them at all times. Avoid keeping your wallet and phone in outer pockets, and be aware of potential pickpockets.

Do your research

A simple Google search of your destination can reveal a lot of essential safety facts. You may also want to consider using the Route4Me map routing software to help map out your route and plan your trip. Route4Me is a great tool that can help you plan out the best and safest route for your trip.. Read up on travel blogs that can reveal areas to avoid and hidden gems worth a visit. Don’t forget to check up on your destination a few weeks ahead to check on the weather and current events. 

Final thoughts

Traveling the world should be a thrilling experience you look back on for years to come. With this guide, you can ensure a safe vacation free of anxiety.

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