When Technology Takes Over: The Islamic Art Museum Gets its First 3D Virtual Visit!

Imagine entering a place full of Islamic artifacts, where every inch and corner of the Museum tells a different excerpt of Islamic history with its different represented eras. Fascinating, right? Well, allow us to fascinate you even more because the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities has launched a virtual visit to Egypt’s Museum of Islamic Art in 3D Technology due to corona and its precautions. This is when technology meets Islamic artifacts.

Egypt celebrates the 117th anniversary of the opening of the Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo. Keep on scrolling to explore some 3D visit in one of the most important museums with some of the most unique and diverse collections of Islamic artifacts worldwide.

The museum includes rare Islamic artifacts from different eras of Islamic civilization covering nearly 12 Hijri centuries, from India, China, Iran, and Samarkand, passing through Saudi Arabia, the Levant, Egypt, North Africa, ending in Andalusia and many others. The museum includes about 400 exhibits. The mission of the Museum of Islamic Art is to display and preserve Islamic artifacts that represent a huge part of our origin.

For an actual virtual tour click here.

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