What We Know So Far About The US, Israel & Hamas’ Humanitarian Pause Deal

A humanitarian pause may be in the works as just yesterday, Israel, the United States and Hamas made a tentative agreement to free several women and children who are held hostage in Gaza in exchange for a five-day pause in fighting.

The outline of a deal was set up among Israel, the US and Hamas during a series of talks in Doha, Qatar. Diving deeper into the deal, during the five-day pause, the plan is to have hostages released in batches of 50 or more every 24 hours. Along with freeing hostages, the temporary deal is also intended to help increase the entry of humanitarian aid including fuel through Egypt.

To make sure that the deal is properly executed, there are plans to use overhead surveillance as a way to monitor ground movement so that the pause is actually performed.

Such a deal tapers on a thin wire as the decision to accept the deal is not confirmed especially from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. On one side, there is pressure to bring the hostages home while on another, citizens of Israel are demanding not to barter for the release of the hostages.

Despite that, there is still a push for the deal to continue as Brett McGurk, the White House National Security Council has been trying to solidify the hostage release plan.

When thinking of such a deal, several lives will be saved but at the end of the day, it remains to be a pause meaning that the fighting will continue after the 5 days.

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