Mistakingly Shot Civilians: How The IDF Is Linked To The Nova Festival Shooting

Back on October 7, at least 260 people died at the open-air Tribe of Nova Music Festival during a Hamas attack. Fast forward to today and the story takes on a new lens as the Israeli newspaper known as Haaretz just confirmed that some IDF helicopters also killed civilians at the music festival. Unexpected reports from residents have been circulating in the past few days of how several IDF helicopters mistakingly shot civilians.

When Hamas started their attack, IDF helicopters appeared on the scene to stop the attacks yet what resulted was the accidental killing of hundreds of Israeli citizens. The IDF were unprepared for the attack with the biggest issue being the difficulty of helicopter pilots differentiating what they see on the ground. Not having a clear vision of whether they were killing civilians or Hamas fighters, the pilots improvised and fired a huge amount of ammunition, literally emptying the belly of the helicopter in minutes. They followed that by re-arming and repeating the process.

The unplanned nature of the IDF attacks led to many Israeli civilians getting mistaken for Hamas fighters and getting killed by air attacks. Today, there are claims that the IDF was responsible for most of the civilian casualties using airstrikes, apache helicopters, tanking shelling, and crossfire.

These reports were also backed up by witnesses as one of the survivors of the Hamas attack said that Israeli citizens were “undoubtedly” killed by the Israeli military. Another witness, Rotim Holin who lives on the west side of the Kibbutz, said that Hamas fighters infiltrated her home but never hurt her family, as one of the soldiers said: “I’m Muslim, I’m not going to hurt you.”

With these new reports, more truth is being drawn out concerning the Hamas attacks and this may lead to new perspectives about the events that occurred back in October 7.

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