What the Hell Is Up With All the Spam Messages in Egypt?

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Anything and everything in this country has to be taken to an extreme; SMS marketing goes as far back as I can remember having a cell phone, but back in the day you actually belonged to a certain database and agencies and companies would only send you relevant content that may interest you. BUT IN THIS DAY AND AGE, IT HAS BECOME A FREAKING CIRCUS!


If I get another branded SMS on my phone I’m going to kill someone, and mostly likely my operator – Vodafone. Why in God’s name in one day am I receiving SMS’s from the Fairmont, Sofitel, Nestle, Nile Plaza, Four Seasons, Vinny’s, Graffiti, Gourmet and the list goes on and on.

I’m pretty sure this is an invasion of privacy, due to the simple fact that I haven’t signed up for this service anywhere and I’m pretty sure if we were in any civilized country, I could not only sue my operator, but the same companies that keep spamming me over and over and are not giving me the option to opt out!

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I beg for someone to come up with a solution or let me know how to opt out, because the customer service operators who I have called over and over again on Vodafone have no idea, what the solution to my dilemma is.

On that note:

Dear Brands,

You are making me hate you more and more and are definitely not building any loyalty with me by harassing me on my personal phone. As a marketeer and an owner of an agency, I beg you to STOP, you are already visible enough via your social media, just add a little media spend (the amount you are spending on these SMS’s to your Facebook and VOILA).


Rant Over!


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