What Our Favorite Arab Celebrities Should Sell

Every celebrity has a slogan or a look that is the first thing we think of when we hear their names. Some have trademark lines while others have signature hairdos or colors, and it made us think, why don’t they turn their thing into a business?

Here are some of our favorite Arab personalities and a startup business idea for each:



Tamer Hashem – A beard trimmer



Cairokee’s drummer and Egypt’s newest bad boy is driving the ladies insane with his beard and bun; it’s about time he shows the poor nerds how it’s done.



President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi – “Because I Can” T-shirt



Egypt’s hero and man of the hour is effortlessly wining everyone’s heart and loyalty. His firm stance makes us die for a Warhol/Sisi T-shirt that perfectly sums him up.



Amr Diab – Anti-aging cream


amr dab

Some say Amr Diab is the forever young Peter Pan, some say he is an immortal vampire, whoever he is, we want what he is using.



Fifi Abdou – The “khamsa mwah” lipstick line


New Picture (1)

The belly dancer/actor’s life motto is sending out five kisses. We genuinely love and use the catchy phrase all the time. Why not go all the way and kiss with five different signature lipsticks?



Tamer Hagras – Tanning cream



As sweet as an apricot, rough as a carrot, juicy as an orange and as orange as a pumpkin. Enough said.



Hayatem – Hair dye



If you have a ginger head fetish but you can’t find an Arab red head girlfriend, go to your local store for the classic Hayatem look with Welloxon hair dye.



Ramez Galal – The fart cushion



The prankster would love to prank you in your own safe haven. Expect one of your loved ones at work to put a fart cushion on your meeting room’s chair, no one will ever allow you to order lunch at work again.



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