What is Arkan?


For those of you that don’t live in the 6th of October area, Arkan is the newest kid on the block. Kind of like a mini ‘solidaire’ from Beirut, Arkan has grouped up a list of some of the most ‘elite’ brands the Cairo scene has to offer and put them all in one place for everyone’s enjoyment. The clean cut design adds to the atmosphere where there is a slight hint of music in the background, greenery and stone in the foreground walkway and outlets on both your right and left.

Want a steak? They have Charwoods, Want a Shisha? Carlos from Le Pacha, How bout a Macaroon? La Gourmandise good enough? 

Each outlet has an in door and terrace area for you to enjoy. Rumor has it that the even the roofs of each building are going to turn in to clubs/ lounges…

Why is this exciting? Well as someone that lives in the area it simply means that one automatically gets to cancel out the drive when wanting to go and have a good meal or a change of atmosphere. In a small city of compounds the community that reaches from 6th of October to the Alex Desert Road is growing by the day, so it only seems logical that down town comes to us!

Arkan also holds floors for office spaces, clinics, gyms and beauty salons with the infamous Mohamed Soghayar being the first to join. If you have an outlet I advise checking this place out, with majority of the places actually being in the position where a reservation is in order, it is without precedent that success has hit home.

P.S: Till the bars and clubs brace us with their presence Charwoods and Le Pacha both serve both beer and other beverages of the sort uhhmm… Just for those of you who want to have a glass of wine with their meal, letting you enjoy the full experience!

Arkan is located off of the Dorra round about, around the corner from Travco’s Head Office.

WE SAID THIS: Thank You Arkan!