What Do Women Really Want?

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What do women want? A question raised by so many men, or to be more precise, has driven them insane! They even made a movie about it, and trust me, Mel Gibson went through a whole lot of lady hell to get a valid answer.

But 19 years later, everyone is still wondering, what do women really want?

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If you ask me, as a woman myself, I’d say that we have no clue! Yes, we’re complex, we’re hard work, but we’re damn worth it. No woman is like another, so, unfortunately, we don’t come with a manual. You need to put some extra effort to figure out the woman you’re dealing with, because actually, with all the layers and everything complicated in between, it’s much easier than you think.

To back up my theory, I asked around seven ladies of varied ages coming from different backgrounds, and here’s what they had to say!

Menna, 25

“I think what women really want is to feel loved and respected. Also appreciated and accepted on her worst days.”

Rana, 30

“I believe sex makes a woman happy and relaxes tension, especially if it’s with the man you love. Also, ice cream can bring out the child in me. I’m like 4-year-old when I stand in front of an ice cream truck!”

Sarro, 20

“Hmm.. what I want? Cuddles, endless shopping, money and all the finer things in life. I’d also like to eat like a pig but look like a model! I secretly don’t know what I want but I will trick you into thinking I do. Also, I’m lost between wanting to be a trophy wife and being a successful businesswoman.”

Salma, 49

“I hope that my son will always remain safe and sound, and I hope to live to see his children playing around me.”

Sarah 25

“I personally want to maintain my inner peace. I think it’s very important as I think inner peace can keep me emotionally balanced.”

Yasmine, 37

“Women are happy when they feel valued and appreciated. The way each woman can receive this appreciation can be in different ways like words of affirmation, physical touch, gifts, acts of service, or quality time. It all depends on her love language. I also believe you’re happy when you feel you have a purpose and an impact.”

Sama, 29

Yeah, Sama actually started singing the song when I asked her what she wants out of life. I guess that speaks for itself!

WE SAID THIS: Here’s to all the women beautiful inside out, stay gorgeous!