I Went to a Pole Fitness Class for the First Time and I Liked It

Via The Mala


Pole fitness first broke onto the exercise scene a few years ago and now it’s back on our radars, this time focusing on building serious upper body and core strength, co-ordination and flexibility along of course, with learning some sexy moves and a few laughs.


I never thought I’d be a person who likes pole-anything, but it turns out I was, and I liked it.


Via The Mala


One day after work, I braved up and headed to Kattameya with a friend of mine to The Mala to have a go at pole fitness. To say I felt really welcomed would be an understatement. For some bizarre reason, I thought the environment would be very competitive, with people trying to one up each other at pole, but I was mistaken. The Mala was a good vibes-inducing haven. I’ve felt nothing but good vibes ever since I stepped foot inside the place, until my very last moment. The mood set by the studio instills a sense of comfort and familiarity among their clients.


What also makes The Mala special is the very fact that its competitive advantage is centered around its uniqueness in offering a variety of activities to a niche segment.


Via The Mala


How my experience was actually like? Not sexy at all. Walking home after an hour of pole dancing was like being kicked in the thigh by a horse and then subjected to a weaponized bout of chub-rub. The lesson started off easily enough – and fortunately I was strong enough to flip upside down with relative ease – but the real problems came when I had to hold myself up the pole with my thighs alone. But thankfully, the instructor at The Mala literally had my back the whole time.


Via The Mala


Even though my thighs looked like rancid meat right after, I couldn’t get over the feeling of accomplishment that I had after nailing a tricky move. It was worth it.



WE SAID THIS: The Mala aims to be environmentally conscious by providing CSR promotions and events to help raise awareness on various issues and causes. Make sure to visit their branch in the First Settlement’s La Nouva Vista compound if the one I went to is too far from you.


UPDATE: The Mala no longer offers classes in their First Settlement location. During the holy month of Ramadan, they’ve joined forces with Power Ride to offer classes in Maadi instead.

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