WegzXMinly: Colossal Online Concert to Take Place With a new Unreleased Track

Wegz, also known as Ahmed Ali, is an established Egyptian rapper who’s been taking the rap scene in Egypt by storm. By the age of 23, Wegz already made a name for himself. His videos and music have received millions of streams, with “Dorak Gay” amassing 75M views on YouTube, being the most streamed song in Egypt on Spotify in 2020. He was also the second most-streamed Arab artist in the Middle East in 2020 on Deezer, according to The National News. And now, his big event this year will be an online concert on Minly on the 28th of September!

On the 28th of August, Wegz posted a video of his new song, where he said in the caption for those who want to attend the concert and listen to his newest release, they should download Minly and buy their tickets by clicking on the link in his bio.

On the 31st of August, Minly posted a video on Instagram of Wegz dancing to “Afaret El Asfalt,” with the video having some rather funky and groovy edits. In the video, Wegz challenged people to make a cooler video to the same song, provided that they create it before the 9th of September, and tag Wegz and Minly using the #WegzXMinly hashtag. The winners of the best five videos will then be chosen to attend the online concert!


The event is considered to be one of the largest online concerts ever, and will be hosted by the Minly platform app. Tickets to the online concert can be purchased at the price of just 17 EGP, and Wegz will be debuting his new single, “Kefey Keda” during the performance! In addition, the concert will also feature a CGI screen, which organizers have described as the largest CGI screen throughout the Middle East.

Aside from this concert being a premier to Wegz’s new song and the CGI screen, it’s also the launching day for Minly’s Watch, a new feature on the application that allows people to attend events virtually. Through this feature, more concerts can be broadcasted, in addition to virtual interviews and upcoming festivals.

Wegz’s growth has been apparent in many ways. Apart from the expansion of his music and his experimentation with beats, his outfits have definitely not gone unnoticed either. When asked by GQ in an interview in regards to who his fashion heroes are, Wegz replied by saying A$ap Rocky and Justin Beiber! Choosing Wegz to initiate the launching of Minly’s feature might just be one of the application’s greatest decisions, given Wegz’s 1.8 million followers on Instagram, and his music heard regularly across all areas of the region, as well as his fashion vibes making mad waves.

Book your tickets fast and hear “Kefey Keda” for the first time in what’s expected to be a raw and electrifying event!

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