We’re Super Excited for the ‘Anti-Heroes’ Docuseries Episode With Amir Eid!

Via Going Deep

Content creators and producers in the Arab world have become much more mature and artistic than they were during the rise of content consumption. It’s now easier to spot quality content that’s unique, has a purpose, and still be entertaining. What caught my attention the most in the past few days was the release of a new documentary series called Anti-Heroes!

Unlike the regular interviews and talks with celebrities, this series aims to do the exact opposite; showing the other (probably darker) side of the celebrities they interview. Their choice for the first episode was so smart that I was triggered to watch it, and I’m now more excited than ever for the rest of the series. Their first episode featured Amir Eid, Co-founder and Lead Singer of one of the most popular bands in Egypt and the Arab world, Cairokee.

Amir Eid is considered an icon and an inspiration for an entire generation. The fanbase of the Cairokee empire is out of this world; true, dedicated, hardcore fans. You find their logo on lock screens, wrist bands, posters, wallpapers, t-shirts, and even tattoos! Watching Amir Eid in Anti-Heroes gives these fans insight and a look at what the other side of how things appear.

WE SAID THIS:  Who are you excited to see in the next episodes of Anti-Heroes?