Ways to Spice up Your Workout Routine

By Salma El Gogary

Working out can get pretty intense and boring sometimes, it could make you feel as if it is more of a chore that you have to do instead of a healthy lifestyle. There are several ways to help you make your exercise more fun, whether you have five minutes or five hours to spare.

Here are some of our top suggestions to put the fun back into your exercise routine!

Turn your chores into workouts

A lot of us don’t really workout because of our restrained time schedule, so why don’t you try and turn your everyday chores into a 10-20 minute workout routine. Whatever it is that you’re doing whether it’s your house’s cleaning day or simply tidying your room or even if you’re just making dinner, just be more energetic while doing it.


Yoga is a spiritual activity that lets you burn calories without the jumping and heart-racing exercises part. Bending, stretching, twisting, and contorting are all part of a simple yoga class and there are various and diverse routines for yoga, just pick one that suitable to your liking.

Exercise with friends

Involving your friends, family or even your pets is a way of putting some fun into your workout. Plan a 30-minute workout routine for your Thursday night instead of going out or maybe combine both? Workout with your friends then hangout, later on, you will have more motivation and can even have a laugh in the process.

Pop up your favorite TV show

This one is as self-explanatory as it gets, while working out catch up with some drama-filled reality TV show or watch an interesting documentary. This way, you can enjoy watching your program but get fit at the same time.

Download applications

Leaving the comfort of your bed and going to the gym could be a real challenge, so why not turn your home into a gym by downloading some fitness apps. Not only can you monitor your workouts, what you eat and how much you drink, you can also get tips, advice and most importantly, reminders.

Play games

Following up by turning your own home into a gym, break a sweat by playing some Wii Sport and Wii Fit games. These are a great way to have fun and exercise at the same time, either alone or with friends. One minute you could be playing golf or fishing and the next minute you could switch it up to dancing. 

Go outside

If you get bored of the gym, go outside and take in some vitamin D. Find somewhere new to go for a walk or enjoy a long cycle ride. You could even go to your nearest trampoline park.

Sign up for classes

Join a class in your local area, such as Pilates, aqua aerobics, dancing, spinning, kickboxing, or Zumba. Not only will you have fun, but you will make new friends in the process and you’ll be checking “trying something new” off your list.

Walk everywhere

Instead of taking your car everywhere, just walk to it! When you’re going to get your groceries or meeting up a friend in a nearby café, get ready faster and take advantage of these few extra minutes in walking.

Reward yourself

Give yourself something in return, specify a day every week to treat yourself to a meal out or save up for a new piece of clothing, you’ll find yourself more keen on working out and actually making time for it.

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