Waslet Kheir Is Here to Change the Way We Experience Ramadan

Ramadan is the time of the year when many of the more fortunate Egyptians feel the need to give back to society. That desire manifests itself in different ways, including setting up ma2edat rahmans (iftar tables), donating to charity organizations and much more.



Established in 2005, Waslet Kheir NGO is known for the eye, heart and ear surgeries it performs on impoverished children and adults. This year, Waslet Kheir initiated Box El-Kheir, which aims at changing people’s eating habits and rituals in Ramadan.


When you order Box El-Kheir, you receive a box, containing a card with case details: name, age, vivid description of the case, the remaining amount required to perform the surgery on the case, and the date of the surgery. You, your family, and friends are then expected to donate the sum of money, that you had originally planned to allocate towards dessert to the case.



The NGO will call you later to pick up the box, and will give you an invoice containing the total amount that you had paid towards the case. You will also receive information regarding the surgery’s date and location, should like to join yourself, for the purposes of credibility.


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It is truly inspiring to see witness an NGO attempting to innovate and change the ways in which we think of charity. Indeed, whilst most of us think of giving to charitable causes as something extraneous to our daily life styles, the notion motivating Box El – Kheir ensures that we think of doing a good deed as part of our daily Ramadan schedules.



It should not shock when we see celebrities – coming from a variant array of entertainment back grounds – come together to speak up for the cause, and the brilliant idea behind it. From the young model and actress Tara Emad, to established singer and actor Hany Adel, to much older comic genius Bayoumi Fouad, and finally to the creative minds behind Abla Fahita, a plethora of our favorite entertainers believe in the cause, as much as we do.


Ramadan is Kareem, i.e. generous, not only because of the religious spirit within that month, but also because of the Egyptians that partake in celebrating it. Let us make this Ramadan no exception, and Waslet Kheir is here to ensure that that.


WE SAID THIS: You can order the box online from their website or call 19385.

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