#WaraElCeema: We Sit Down With Massar Egbari’s Toussy to Talk About the Music That Makes the Movies

On this edition of #WaraElCeema, we had an exclusive interview with one of the most influential icons in the Egyptian music scene, Massar Egbari’s very own Tamer Attallah (Toussy). Toussy is Massar Egbari’s co-founder and drummer, but he’s also very successful on a different front; he’s also known for composing the original soundtracks of a lot of successful movies and TV series.

We paid a visit to Massar Egbari’s studio and had an interesting chat with Toussy to delve more into the world of music composing and how it’s one of the main pillars of success to any cinematic or television project. We also tackled some of the main milestones of the leading Egyptian band, Massar Egbari!

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