#WaraElCeema: Superstar Ahmed Hatem on His Highly Anticipated New Movie, “El Ghasala”

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For this edition of #WaraElCeema, we had a chat with Egyptian superstar, Ahmed Hatem. We got to discuss his upcoming movie, “El Ghasala”, the trailer just got released earlier this week so make sure to check it out! The comedy movie has a star-studded cast, including Hannah El Zahed, Mahmoud Hemeida, Mohamed Sallam, Sherine Reda, and Bayoumi Fouad.

After the success of both Ahmed and Hannah together in the drama, “Qesset Hob”, we had to ask him about working with her again within the comedy genre. We also got to talk about his role, his expectations, the due date of the movie, and more. Follow our hashtag, #WaraElCeema, for more exclusives from the cinema industry.

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Talk to us about your role in “El Ghasala”

I’m playing the role of Omar 30, and of course, there is a reason why he has a number in his name. It’s a different and nice movie, a combination between fantasy, comedy, and light romance. The idea is new and I hope that it’ll come out nice and people would like it. Omar is a student in the faculty of science and he wants to invent a washing machine (El Ghasala).

How did you get ready for the role?

I did a lot to get ready for the movie as it’s different from the inside and outside than anything else I’ve done. And his relationship between different characters in the movie makes him a unique character to play.

What are your expectations for the movie?

The expectations for the movie during these times is a bit complex. We even changed its screening date, and we definitely had different expectations when we first started the project. How cinemas will operate will definitely influence the expectations, whether it’s the capacity allowed or the number of screenings per day. Also, most movies won’t risk coming out now, so this will also influence the competition.

How is it working with Hannah El Zahed after the success of “Kesset Hob”?

Hannah is one of the people that I love working with. I like getting ready and memorizing the script with her as we always come up with something new. I find our sense of humor close to each other, and it makes it easier for me to build on it. She surprises a lot of people when they start to work with her, but I don’t get surprised because I already know that she’s funny and talented. That was apparent in “Kesset Hob”, and now this movie is very different than the last one, so we’ll see how things turn out.

Where did the name “El Ghasala” come from?

It comes from the fact that Omar is trying to invent a washing machine, which is something critical to the plot of the movie.

When is the movie expected to come out?

For now it’s expected to come out in Eid El Adha.

How comfortable are you in the comedy genre?

For me, I like the comedy genre more. And it’s closer to my real life. But artistically, I don’t like a genre more than another. It’s my first time to take on the comedy genre, and I’ll hopefully do more of it, and get back to doing different things. This is the beauty of acting, not sticking to one thing, and exploring yourself more as you explore different genres.

Is there any developments on “Awkat Faragh 2”?

Things are getting slower in the time being, unlike how it started, but hopefully, the project will pick up the pace and we’ll get back to it sometime soon.

How do you feel about the COVID-19 challenge to the cinema industry?

I think as mentioned before that the 25% and 50% regulations can be solved in a way where the movie earns money and the industry stays working; if not much movies were out in a season due to the pandemic and the risk, each movie can be played in several halls.

We’re all trying to survive this challenge, and I hope that we do soon. We’re hopefully walking in the right track and the cases are decreasing. I hope that people are able to survive this and get back to normal without panic when the pandemic is over.

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