#WaraElCeema: Actress Sarrah Abdelrahman Talks Life, Art and Goals En-Route to the Screening of ‘Turning Ten’

Most of us know her as a light-spirited, fun-loving actress, especially after the unmatched success she achieved in her role as ‘Heba’ in ‘Sabea’ Gar’ (The Seventh Neighbor) TV series, in 2017. Sarrah Abdelrahman recently played a leading role as ‘Lamia’, a young Egyptian mother, in a short film called ‘Turning Ten’.

Written and directed by Jaylan Auf, the film tells the story of their ten-minute wait at a clinic that will determine the fate of Lamia’s daughter forever.

We had an exclusive interview with her prior to the screening of her film at Zawya Cinema, where we spoke about the film, her future plans, and her life in general.

Her spontaneity is what we love most about her! And as we expected, she was the same free-spirited woman that she appears to be on her social media platforms.

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