Wanna Be the Next Action Superstar? This Suit Has Everything You Need

Jet skis, motorbikes, elegant suits, and a southern Italian setting; no it is not another renegade, off-the-grid secret agent film, where the hero returns to save the world, it is Concrete’s latest hit.

The clothing brand we all know and love is back with a spanking new product, but this time, it is not about sexy Egyptian icons in high-end attire breaking the internet. Concrete wants to introduce high-functionality and durability to its fabulous suits to cater more and more to the youth. Millennials value practicality and pragmatism just the same as elegance.

Concrete has upped its game this summer with a new release that is sure to redefine men’s fashion. The latest “Traveler Suit” merges class with convenience in a beautifully-streamlined outfit that is sure to merge style and adventure.

With fabric imported from Italy, the Traveler Suit is a versatile outfit that is water-resistant, anti-bacterial, breathable, and stretches naturally with the human body. It’s a must-have for all adventurous men who still want to maintain their dashing looks.

Posted by Concrete on Sunday, July 21, 2019

In a video that has been released on Concrete’s social media platforms, the perks of the Traveler Suit are thoroughly explored. The clip, which was also shot in Italy, is more of a short action film than a commercial. It is currently screening in multiplexes all over Egypt so buy yourself a movie ticket to get the full cinematic experience!

Speaking of films, a post that has gone viral shows the full cast of Welad Rezk 2 wearing what seem to be Concrete suits, looking as sophisticated and irresistible as they can get.

The times are changing; new aspirations are gaining ground. It is not just about good-looks anymore. There is a need for convenience, versatility, and pragmatism. The modern perception of the successful businessman who sits in an office all day wearing a suit is changing. Today, young successful entrepreneurs are out there on the streets, engaging in all sorts of shenanigans.

So, on your next business venture, whether you are riding a dirtbike or a jet ski, remember to wear something that truly “fits” you. Perhaps a suit that still makes you look as suave as the hero from an action-packed blockbuster.

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