The Egyptian Royal Vehicle Museum To Open Doors to Public in September

Via Egyptian Streets.

A new museum is about to open doors here in Egypt’s Zamalek, and unlike most museums, the Royal Vehicle Museum has something unconventional to offer.

The project’s development has been ongoing for some time now, and now that the electro-mechanic refurbishing is almost complete, the head of the project from Egypt’s antiquities ministry, Waed Abul Ela, announced that the museum is set to open its doors to the public in September of this year.

Located in the heart of Zamalek’s 26th of July Street, the museum does not include any Pharaonic, Greek, Roman, or Arab relics; only antique cars. The building from the outside is ornated with Islamic geometric patterns and horse head embroidery.

According to Egyptian Streets, the Royal Vehicle Museum is one of the most significant with a collection of the Alawite Royal Family’s personal vehicles, including a rare collection belonging to Khedive Ismail sent as gifts from European monarchs such as Emperor Napoleon III and Queen Eugenie during the opening of the Suez Canal. These vehicles were later used during the Khedive’s wedding and the opening of Parliament.

Via Flickr.

The museum has a total of 78 cars, with 22 of them that were gifted by European countries. There are a number of unique vehicles, such as those used for royal weddings or other regal celebrations.

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