Viral Visual: This Cairo Based Café is Serving Shisha With a Fish in it and it’s not OK!

Via Salma ElTabakh

Scrolling down your Facebook feed has become ridiculously exhausting on so many levels. From people hating on others, to who wore what, to those making fools out of themselves thinking they’re a bunch of entertainers, to the fish shisha .. Wait, what?! Yes, fish shisha! Apparently that’s the latest innovation of some so called café in the Fifth Settlement.

Only a couple of hours ago, a Facebook post went viral about the newest shisha on Takht’s menu. It’s basically a hookah with some poor goldfish casually hanging out in the water base. Putting aside that this is considered animal abuse and that this is just gross, I just want to ask one simple question, WHY?

Seriously, why would you do such a thing? Why did the thought even cross your mind? Whether you’re the owner, or the waiter who served it or the customer who ordered it, or even the fish supplier, why? Of course, nobody thought that it’s such a small space for the fish, or even that they’re cutting off its supply of oxygen, but haven’t they thought of humans who’ll be smoking that? Is that supposed to be some sort of joke?

WE SAID THIS: Dear owner of Takht, we seriously need some explanation!

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