Will Another Sand Storm Hit Egypt Tonight?

via englishahram

Grab your blankets, make some hot chocolate and stay in front of your electric heater tonight because it’s going to get real cold tonight in Cairo. Also, a personal tip from your writer: grab a chocolate bar and place it in front of your heater (but not too close) and enjoy the best chocolate fondue.

Let’s talk serious, though! Forecast is predicting the occurrence of dusty winds to hit most parts of Egypt today, disturbing the horizontal visibility and it might mess up navigation in the Mediterranean Sea, even forming sand storms in several regions.

via englishahram

Low and medium-level clouds are foreseen in the northern parts of the country, along with rainfall in the North Coast. Temperatures will be normal throughout most of Egypt during the day, with cooler weather expected during the night.

Waves in the Mediterranean are expected to be very wild and range between 3 to 3.5 meters in height, with southwesterly surface winds. Waves will be mild and range between 1 to 1.5 meters high in the Red Sea, with northwesterly surface winds.

The highest temperatures to be reached today are: 19C in Cairo, 19C in Alexandria, 22C in Qena, 23C in Luxor and 24C in Aswan.

WE SAID THIS: Layer up today because looks like it’s going to be freezing today!

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