Uber and Careem, Get Your Surge Price Sh*t Together Before We Dump You



Uber and Careem, you know we, as in Scoop Empire along with many in Egypt, have been supporting you since the day you graced our land. I don’t even want to mention the very powerful social media war we started against white taxis for your sake. Well, I just did! Yet, with great sadness, the table has turned and the rant is on you today.

12938243_10157297793965355_3161121598035464561_nFor the past month, every time I need you, you end up reminding me of that bad lover every Egyptian has fallen for. It’s all fun, admiration and love, until I start showing appreciation and become needy and suddenly, I’m being given the cold shoulder. Just like every bad dysfunctional relationship we’ve quit, we will quit you, too, if you don’t get your sh*t together.

What the hell is going on with the surge prices? Every single time I order a car, Careem or Uber, I never seem to get the regular rates. You keep telling us that the white taxi drama scared away many of your drivers and there is no availability, hence the higher rates. Well, let us remind you that when you first started, you did not have that many drivers and rates were fine. Second of all, don’t blame traffic because it’s Egypt’s sad reality and it has also been there since you started and as a respectable business, you need to accommodate to the customer’s need. Third of all, we feel being ripped off and financially abused when we expressed our need for you the most. Don’t ask us to pay for your incompetence or greed.




We still believe in your exquisite customer service and hopefully this is just a temporary bump in our decent transportation experience road. Otherwise, Egypt will dump you.




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