UAE Residents Can Now Celebrate National Day From the Comfort of Their Homes!

Every year, UAE residents celebrate National day and it’s one of the biggest celebrations of the year. Both Emiratis and non-Emiratis wait for the 2nd of December to show their love for the country, its leaders, and its people. This year, a page has been dedicated on the official celebration website for people to record and submit their own videos while singing the national anthem as part of a campaign entitled “Eishy Bilady” – the first two words of the UAE’s national anthem in Arabic, which translate to ‘long live our country’.

You can also submit your recordings through the official UAE National Day celebration’s social media channels on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Because of the COVID-19 restrictions on public celebrations, this campaign will allow citizens across the entire country to celebrate together and unite in harmony.

The Organising Committee of the Official 49th National Day Celebration will broadcast a selected number of these recordings as part of the country’s official National Day live show that will be held in Abu Dhabi on December 2. The show, entitled ‘Seeds of the Union’ portrays the journey of the UAE as a country and its development in the form of a seed that bloomed over the past 49 years.

So don’t miss your chance to take part in the country’s official celebrations, enjoy the end of the year with a long weekend, and celebrate with the rest of the UAE residents while staying safe at home.

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