UAE Government To Fine Dh100,000 For Distributing Iftar Meals Without Legal Permits

With the approach of the holy month of ramadan, Dubai has announced that residents will need permits to distribute iftar meals during the holy month. The decision was announced to the public in a press conference on Friday by The Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai (IACAD.)

For those who will still distribute iftar meals without a permit, Dubai’s authorities will be imposing a fine that ranges from Dh5,000 to Dh100,000, with a jail term of between one month to 12 months.

According to The National News, this law comes in to ensure that meals are to be distributed across a variety of locations and to determine whether the donated food is safe to eat. Also, during Covid-19 food donations were prohibited due to safety precautions.

Deputy director of IACAD, Mohammed Mosabh Dahi told Expat Media that “violators will be referred to the competent judicial authorities, as stated in the decree regulating fundraising in the Emirate of Dubai for the year 2015.”

On the other hand, to distribute iftar meals legally, residents must get the permission of the department through a series of two steps. First, they can either visit the IACAD office or apply through their official website. Then, residents will need to submit their Emirates ID, and a form indicating details of the distribution, name, and location of the restaurant where the food will be sourced from.

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