UAE Declared The Safest Country In The World For People To Walk At Night

The UAE has fascinated the globe with its stunning achievements, which depict how their civilization has evolved in numerous fields, leading the Middle East in development and sustainability. As a result, the UAE has been named the safest country in the world to walk across at night as revealed by the Gallup Global Law and Order 2021 survey.

As a society that values its tradition and culture, the UAE has made significant progress and has amazed the world with its passion and work ethic. Highlighting their standing among developed countries, by gifting some of the most wondrous arts and showcasing their significant corporate triumphs.

UAE safest country
via: Emirates Woman
Sheikh Mohammed is pleased that the UAE has been named the safest country to walk alone.

The top five safest countries to walk alone in, according to the report, included: the UAE (95%), Norway (93%), China (91%), Slovenia (91%), and Taiwan (89%).

In addition, the UAE came in the second position in the highest law and order index, with 93 and 94 points, making it the world’s second safest country after Norway. Therefore, the top five countries with the highest law and order index scores were: Norway (94), the UAE (93), China (93), Switzerland (93), and Finland (92).

If you believe that this is the UAE’s limit, then you are mistaken. The UAE also topped the Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) Index 2021, a Georgetown University research released in October.

Several issues were considered, including war and peace, personal security, natural disaster risk, and the health sector, which included pandemic preparedness methods. In addition, the UAE has been at the forefront of COVID-19 vaccination rates!

The tweet translates as follows: “The UAE has been declared to be the Safeway country to walk alone at night by the Gallup Global Law Index 2021. Security is a blessing and safety is tranquillity. If a woman wanders alone at any hour of the day or night with our fear, she knows that she is in the emirates.”

via: Al-Arabiya News
During the holy month of Ramadan in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, people can be seen outside the Dubai Mall.

It is apparent that the UAE has made significant progress in a number of areas, which will help them pave the way for even greater global accomplishments in the future! With a government that prioritizes achievement and success above all else, everything is possible in the UAE!

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