TV Host Sherif Madkour Announces Colon Tumor Diagnosis

Egypt’s most lovable, and sometimes, hilariously controversial TV host just shared some extremely sad news with his fans. Sherif Madkour posted a photo of himself looking quite drained on a hospital bed. Later, the TV host took to Facebook to explain that there’s a problem with his colon, without getting into details.

Via Sherif Madkour

Later, Madkour told TV host, Amro Abdel Hamid, during a phone interview that he has been diagnosed with a colon tumor; without specifying benign or malignant, and that he will undergo surgery on the first day of Ramadan. Madkour sounded like his optimistic self and made sure to thank the nursing staff for their extraordinary work and fans and friends for all the love and support.

And guess what? Madkour being a dedicated employee said he is going back to work tomorrow to host his show 4 Share’a Sherif.



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