Top Go to Chinese restaurants in Cairo

Chinese is one of the most popular cuisines in the world; it’s definitely super popular here in the Arab World, in general, and in Egypt specifically. It’s easy to guess why; it’s usually not very expensive, it’s steamed or stir-fried, so healthy and non-greasy, and for most people, it tastes amazing. The mouthwatering sauces drenched over some steamed rice with your choice of protein will definitely make your taste buds dance out of happiness.

There are endless choices when it comes to Chinese restaurants in Cairo, from food carts, fast-food franchises that make Chinese food, to proper fine-dining places that are specialized in the delicious cuisine. Since tomorrow marks the Chinese new year, here’s a list of Chinese restaurants that are on top of their game in the city of Cairo!

3 Take-outs


Wok and Walk

Wok and Walk is the ultimate Chinese food experience in a box! They have branches in different parts of Cairo and it’s a quick and delish choice if you want to have Chinese food on the go.

Maharaja & Zenzen

Via Mahraja & Zenzen

Maharaja & Zenzen offers a wide range of Asian cuisines such as Thai and Korean food, but their Chinese food definitely stands out the most. I’m in love with their sweet and sour shrimps and their dumplings.

WE SAID THIS: No ketchup, just sauce.. Raw Sauce!