East Meets West As This Travel Duo Tackle Egypt’s Tourism In The Coolest Way

Via Why Not Egypt?

Today, we’re living in a world saturated with travel blogs fighting over readers’ attention. The market is getting more and more competitive while people are stepping into the danger zone risking a steady income to pursue their dreams. Of course this story comes with someone quitting her job after realizing that corporate slavery just wasn’t for her. This isn’t quite your average blog though, this one comes with a duo, the perfect combo for promoting our beloved Egypt. What’s better than joining forces between a foreigner’s perspective and some local insight in order to do so? This is, ladies and gentlemen, how “Why Not Egypt?” came to life.

Via Passainte Assem

It all started in 2013; when Egyptian Passainte Assem and American Christina Wichert found themselves to be the only ladies in a group of five attempting to hike the top of Africa’s highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro. Their love for adventure and that one goal in mind ignited that first spark in their friendship.

Three years after reaching the summit, and crossing off one great achievement off their bucket lists, the pair met over lunch to catch up. Passainte complained about her job and how much she felt it’s torturing her and setting her back. The adventurous traveler hated writing travel-related articles while she was actually stuck at the office unable to explore anything but the horizon of her desk meeting the one nearby. Obviously, Passainte was the one who quit her job later on in the story. At that time, Christina was already living in Egypt. She first came to finish her Masters degree and learn Arabic, even way before Kilimanjaro. She ended up getting married to an Egyptian and she’s been living here ever since.

Via Passainte Assem

As they dug in, Passainte told Christina that she had begun working on a blog about Egypt, and was looking for someone willing to be her partner. Before Passainte could finish explaining, Christina had taken the offer. At the time, she wished she was putting more of her time and energy into something she felt passionate about, and Passainte’s idea seemed like a great opportunity to grab. Lunch was left untouched as they immediately started their new baby’s first planning session. This was the exact moment when “Why Not Egypt?” was born!

The blog clearly raises the question “Why not Egypt?” to every tourist/traveler planning their upcoming adventure. Through this platform, the pair aim to promote our beautiful country by providing every single detail a traveler needs to know before paying a visit. From basic travel tips and tailored itineraries to important facts one should know about the locals and traditions. It’s all about helping travelers, whether Egyptians or foreigners, to make the best out of their experiences in the country while breaking all the stereotypes about it. The best thing about it is that the information obtained from that blog is 100% reliable, guaranteed, and definitely not sugar coated. Christina who was once a tourist, and now a local, knows all the fears of Egypt’s visitors. Most importantly, she now knows how to get over them. On the other hand, Passainte is not just an average local. She’s a frequent traveler who’s quite aware of all the questions, as well as misconceptions, foreigners would usually have. Hence, this blog is the place to be if Egypt is your next destination.

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