These Insightful Real-Life Stories Can Change The Perception of Mental Health in Egypt

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Via Turning Point Counseling

Many of us wake up in the morning feeling blue thinking that those are just probably mood swings but then wake up with them the other day again. A lot of us also deal with words like “depression”, “anxiety”, “bipolar”, and “OCD” if they’re some kind of description of one’s personality. Little did we know that we shouldn’t compare such disorders to some magazine’s personality quiz results. We really shouldn’t take mental illness for granted because it will strike you, me, or him, when we least expect it.

As reported by Egypt Today, a national health survey was carried out earlier this year by the Ministry of Health of Egypt. According to that, 25% of the population is suffering from mental illnesses. Unfortunately, mental illness is more of a taboo that’s either considered a shameful topic to publicly discuss or just isn’t taken seriously. So, in an attempt to shed light on the importance of therapy, we’ve brought you some real-life stories to inspire you or maybe enlighten your path if you’re in need. Those five Egyptians; whom we changed their names out of respect for their private lives, shared with us their stories and now we’re sharing them with you.