This Song by Amr Diab’s Daughter, Jana, to be Featured in This American Blockbuster!

When you come to this life and find that your father is Amr Diab, the Egyptian music icon, it might be really overwhelming, unbelievably exciting, or you just might always be exposed to paparazzi and accused of nepotism. However, Jana Diab, the youngest child in the Diab family, is extremely gifted, just like her father, and when she decided to follow her talent, in her own way, stardom welcomed her instantly.

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In a recent Instagram post, Jana Diab announced that her song “Mouth Taped Shut” is going to be featured in the American Movie “Bayou Caviar” during the film’s end credits. The 17-year-old Singer/Songwriter shared her excitement and happiness, sharing the link to her music song, which she also wrote.

The film, which is set to be released this month, tells the story of a former boxing champion and his companions who get caught up with Russian mobsters after witnessing a crime. Cuba Gooding Jr. the Academy Award Winner is the Director, Writer and the Lead Actor in the movie, along with Famke Janssen, and Richard Dreyfuss.

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