This Saudi Woman is Breaking Barriers and New Heights, Yasmine Gahtani!

Saudi Arabia sounds like any other country these days. From street festivals, women driving, and movie theatres, the country is on its way to becoming the second Dubai. During the recent attempts of modernization, we’ve come across multiple Saudi Women shattering stereotypes. One woman who has been inspiring us since 2017 is Yasmine Gahtani who just happens to be Saudi Arabia’s first rock-climbing female and instructor.

Certified by the American Mountain Guides Association in Chicago, Gahtani fell in love with the sport after coming across it on Instagram. Her goal is to teach Saudi women the sport as this empowers them and helps build their character.

According to Gulf News, the 39-year-old Saudi instructor currently has 150 students whom she wishes to take one of them to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, which is the first year the sport will be included. “It’s all about how your body moves and dances skilfully on the wall,” Gahtani said.

WE SAID THIS: Women of Saudi Arabia, bring it on, the world is finally ready for you.