This Saudi Woman Didn’t Just get a Permit to Drive, She Actually Became a Careem Captaina!

By Febronia Hanna 

As Saudi women got an opportunity to start driving, this Careem Captain took it to a new level. She actually started making money out of it. Enaam Gazi Al-Aswad, the first Careem Female driver took this step and she doesn’t regret it.

She said that this step will bring on new opportunities and enhance girls’ financial and social statuses. This event could be called historical and groundbreaking. The video also shows that there are multiple women in what seems like a session at Careem. So making us wonder whether we should we expect more Careem Captainas soon.

Now that Enaam’s contribution has positive light shed on her bravery, more and more women will be encouraged to take their driving skills many steps further.

WE SAID THIS: Drive across the country and Enjoy life, Enaam!