This Netflix Original Drops Bombs on the Egyptian Public Opinion With the Release of Its First Trailer

Via Variety

Netflix is the world’s ultimate favorite online streaming platform and after its operation in the Middle East, it has become an obsession to many Egyptians. Now we’ll get to watch a Netflix Original featuring Egyptian characters for the first time. Nevertheless, it’s not quite what you’d be expecting.

Netflix just released a new trailer for its new spy thriller feature film, The Angel. Ariel Vromen’s film is based on the story of Ashraf Marwan. Marwan is Egyptian President, Abdel Nasser’s son-in-law, special advisor to his successor, Anwar El Sadat, and finally, Israeli Intelligence’s most important asset at the time.

Via India Times

Marwan Kenzari plays the lead role who’s code name was “The Angel”, hence, the name of the movie. Toby Kebbell, Hannah Ware, Waleed Farouq Zuaiter, and more also co-star in the feature. It’s expected to be premiered exclusively on Netflix starting the 14th of September. We’re not sure yet of the release date on Netflix MENA, or whether it will ever be there with a matter of fact. Nothing has yet been confirmed, but this is definitely going to grab the public opinion’s attention in Egypt. Especially because the story is being told from an Israeli perspective.

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