This Latest Eatery Combines Egypt’s Heritage and Dubai’s Luxury in the Finest of Experiences

By Febronia Hanna

If you happen to live in Dubai then you’re up for a treat! You can now enjoy the combined magical experiences of Dubai and Cairo. The mystic of Egypt’s ancient wonders and the luxurious flavor of Dubai are now served for the first time at KHOFO restaurant in Alseef, Dubai.

Via Time Out Dubai

The restaurant is as wide as 7,500 square meters with statues and murals that have hieroglyphic writings on them. The waiters there are also fully dressed as Pharaohs. There, you can eat all your favorite Egyptian dishes starting from a breakfast of foul and falafel to a supper of bamya, molokheya, and mahshi.

“We pride ourselves on our friendly attentive service in a sophisticated yet welcoming environment which will undoubtedly take diners back to ancient Egypt. Our decor and food are both inspired by our unique approach to hospitality, wherein creativity, quality and distinctiveness are primary.” Majid Al Usaimi, Owner for KHOFO Restaurant said.

WE SAID THIS: Emarati KHOFO is majestic!