Here are the Sahel Outings That Are Worth Destroying Your Salary

Via King Neptune's Pub

If you’re a couch potato who would rather spend your nights in Sahel playing board games and tarneeb, do yourself a favor and don’t read this article. For all of you party animals and nocturnal beings out there, this list is for you and you’re welcome in advance.

For the past few years, we’ve been stuck with the same old thing over and over again. A night that starts with some commercial beats, followed by a tattoed belly dancer and some mediocre fireworks. Well, these days are long gone and Sahel’s party scene is currently as intense as Kanye West’s all CAP tweets.

There are hundreds of venues all over the North Coast. Whether you’re into Justin Bieber or Solomun, there is a club out there for you. This is a list of Sahel’s top venues in 2018 based on my own personal experience so let the scrolling begin:

Rituals by The Lemon Tree and Co.

This place tho. @ritualsbytlt ? #beachlife

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So first things first, the incredible beach bar Rituals. Forget everything you’ve experienced at Sahel, this venue takes everything to the next level, the ambiance, the Bali-themed interior design, the quality of food, and the music. Everything will meet your posh expectations and more. You can either enjoy a mega sunbed and a cooling swim at Zoya, Ghazala Bay, or start partying at 5 PM, or even better unleash your inner Sahel monster and do both.

For the past two weeks, Rituals, owned by The Lemon Tree and Co. Founders, has been operating at night weekly and we can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves. May I add that the bathroom is freakin’ exquisite. A masterpiece. I can spend the whole weekend contemplating life in that place.

KIKI’s Beach

The definition of a beach bar is KIKI’s beach. It’s laid back, has an incredible view and amazing food which are basically every element that matters in Sahel. The thing about this venue is that you can sense everyone is having a good time and it’s contagious.

You can enjoy Hacienda White’s crystal clear blue waves, sip some cocktails then head to the bar and dance till you drop. Whether you’re an early bird or a night crawler, KIKI’s beach is a venue you cannot miss this summer.

Sachi By the Sea

Sachi By the Sea has always had its own identity and it’s not changing. You get to listen to your favorite commercial R’n’B and Arabic tunes, the crowd is on the older age group side for a change, people look fancy and the food is the best thing that happened to Egypt.

If you’re not into belly dancers, fireworks, house music and just want to be able to hear the person next to you at a Sahel venue for a change, Hacienda White’s Sachi is the venue for you. Make sure you order everything on the menu.

Family and Friends by The Lemon Tree and Co.

Hands down the best Sahel night, but it’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. The Lemon Tree and Co. has managed to add another threat to Egypt’s party scene and further expand their lifestyle project. As you can tell by the name, Egypt’s most exclusive party is for The Lemon Tree and Co.’s family and friends.

Every Saturday, the Marassi venue turns into one of the hottest clubs in the region and it brings you some of the hottest resident DJs all the way from Ibiza. It goes without saying it’s a wild night of house music and party-goers jumping around till 7 AM. Experiencing the sunrise with your family and friends will definitely be your weekend’s highlight.

WE SAID THIS: Good luck making reservations!