This Is What Happens When Hany Adel Joins Forces With Hassan El Shafei

Via Hassan El Shafei

Once again, Egyptian music producer, Hassan El Shafei, competes with western music with his cool Middle Eastern additions. This time, he collaborates with Wust El Balad’s lead singer, Hany Adel, and together, they come up with a new refreshing song.

Recently released Qalby Yohadethony, is, of course, a fresh new concept, just like what we’re used to from Shafei. He first made music for Abla Fahita, then to shaa’bi singer Ahmed Shiba, and now this. Maybe Adel’s name is not quite surprising, but its the lyrics of the song we’re talking about. The song is originally an old literary Arabic poem by Sufi Arab poet, Ibn Al Fared.

Shafei’s music, along with the mystical verses and the wonderful animations created by Kareem Gouda, makes a great combination. One that definitely teleports listeners to a parallel universe, a beautiful and peaceful one. The music video succeeds at garnering more than one million views so far on youtube, ranking number 14 among trending videos.

WE SAID THIS: This one goes straight to our playlist!