This Is Perhaps the Most Meaningful Ramadan Campaign so Far

With 850 million people suffering from hunger around the world, it is, indeed, one of the most crippling issues of our times. In Egypt alone, it is one of the driving factors, if not the main, behind many of the issues we have been battling with for years, from crime, malnutrition, and disease to illiteracy and child labor.

Many fail to link many of our ongoing social problems with hunger, but one non-profit saw the connection and vowed to put an end to hunger in Egypt. The Egyptian Food Bank (EFB) is a charitable organization that specializes in fighting hunger through the concepts of diversity and innovation.

The people behind the EFB know how central a role food plays in people’s lives. Our instinct for eating is what keeps us alive, so it is one of the undeniable aspects of our humanity. Therefore, providing it to those who need it the most is crucial and it is on all of us to ensure this basic human right is enjoyed by all.

Despite age, gender, and background, food affects us all in the same way, and the EFB’s campaign highlights this in the most heartwarming way.

The campaign tells the story of three people, Saied, who needs food to overcome his hunger so that he can find a proper job to put food on the table for his young ones. Without food, Saied’s children would lose focus in school, or perhaps drop out to look for jobs to help their father, which can only make things worse.

The second person is a woman called Soad, who is a single mother looking out for her children and wants to provide food for her young ones to have enough energy to grow, go to school, play, and live their lives.

Highlighting the importance of food for young ones, the campaign showed how when food is available, children tend to lead better lives and have better educational experiences.

The final protagonist in the EFB’s campaign is little Saad, who is still a student in need of food to be able to focus on his schoolwork, play with other children and live a healthy normal childhood. If Saad successfully avoids hunger his life would change for the better in so many ways.

These stories are everywhere around us. We just have to stop and look around us to see them. Nothing would be nobler in Ramadan than helping people like Saied and Soad get by and provide a better life for their children.

WE SAID THIS: If you are able to contribute, make sure to visit EFB’s website and help any way you can!