This Is How Your Top Celebs and Social Bloggers Spent Their New Year’s Eve!

This new year’s eve was one of those unforgettable days for many different reasons. But the reason we all agree on is that we spent it so much differently than we actually expected. Do you know the saying that says ‘expect the unexpected’? This is the COVID-19 motto actually. You plan something then it gets destroyed because of the pandemic. Well, it’s a new year so let’s all hope for the best. It’s been mainly a cozy new year’s celebration with all the loved ones around whether through zoom meetings or video calls but what mattered the most is for us to stay safe.

We all might wonder how or where our top celebrities spent their new year’s. So scroll down to find out.

The amazing and most talented TV-presenter Raya Abirached spent new year’s at home in the UK but with a fancy edge.

Injy El Mokkaddem in the peaceful Gouna

Dorra Zarouk

Ragheb Alama with his beloved family in Dubai

Hossam Ghaly at home with his cute family

Ahmed Malek in one of Egypt’s peaceful and amazing places ‘Siwa’

Salma Abudeif in Dubai

Via Instagram

Hanady Mehanna

The Lebanese Nadine Abdelaziz

Karen Wazen

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